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Venomous Snake Relocation Course


Venomous Relocation Course

Focusing in particular on venomous west Australian species of snake, we will help participants to develop the skills and obtain the knowledge required to identify snakes in the field and identification exercises occur throughout the course.

With live examples of many species, we aim to train you to safely work with both captive and wild, venomous snakes from all over the state

To participate in this practical component of our course you must... - Be at least 18 years of age
- Have a concern for the welfare of the animals you'll be working with
- P.P.E must be worn (long pants, ankle-high boots with socks)
- Have no alcohol or illegal drugs in your bloodstream


Toolbox Talk

Our workshops help to create a better understanding of venomous reptiles and simple, yet effective safety issues in this regard.

Toolbox Talk is designed to educate from an OH & S and enironmental viewpoint, minimising risk and avoiding confrontations. Taking simple meaures to avoid possible dangerous situations and basic first aid procedures are covered, while developing an understanding of potentially dangerous wildlife. 


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