Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

This microlearning course "Preventing Sexual Harassment in the workplace" is the newest course that National Corporate Training offers. It is a course designed to work with the modern workforce and is delivered direct to a users mobile phone in bite sized chunks.  Lessons range between 5-8 minutes. Users simply connect using an app and a link to our course. 

Mobile friendly

Employees love microlearning because it is relevant and useful and offers them the flexibility to learn at their convenience. 

Focus and retention

Focusing on one aspect of a new subject is far easier than attempting to become an expert on everything.

Microlearning increases knowledge retention by at least 50%.

Boosts learning engagement

Microlearning can engage learners instantly because a short text or a quick video does not require a huge time or attention commitment.

It’s part of why tweets and TikToks are so popular—their bite-sized content appeals to the modern workforce who want to consume a wide variety of material.

Microlearning costs less

In one case study, 3-minute microlearning courses created with the help of SMEs reduced training development costs by 50%.

Faster learning and development

Microlearning courses are quick to digest and to create.

One case study demonstrated that microlearning could make learning and development speedier by 300%.

Customisable Courses 

We can customise any of our existing courses to include your logos and style guides.

Need a new course?

We can help with this as well.