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We offer both 100% online training for the Schedule 26 WHS (Mines) Regulations 2022 (WA) DMIRS approved risk management units BSBWHS411 and BSBWHS414 as well as face to face for larger groups of supervisors needing training on-site or at our training rooms in Balcatta. Scroll down to learn more.

What is a Schedule 26 Statutory Supervisor?

The new WHS (Mines) Regulations 2022 (WA) Schedule 26 (3.1) requires that Statutory Supervisors must be appointed for each of the following places at a mine - a laboratory, a processing plant, a quarry, a workshop and each place where the mine operator for the mine considers it is necessary to have a statutory supervisor to reduce the risks to health and safety associated with mining operations carried out at the mine.


Schedule 26 Statutory Supervisor options for individual supervisors wanting to pay by credit card and start the e-learning units of competency straight away.

100% Online Training

The Statutory Supervisor units of competency below can all be completed online and you can start straight away. They are very comprehensive, tailored for the WA Mining Industry and incorporate the key sections of the WHS Act 2020 (WA) and WHS (Mines) Regs 2022 (WA).


Schedule 26 (3.4)

a. Works for at least 2 years as a supervisor or worker in a similar operation or industry that the mine is engaged in

b. Successfully completes an approved WHS risk management unit for statutory supervisors

c. Passes an applicable legislation examination for statutory supervisors. 


WHS (Mines) Regs 2022 (WA) Transitions

Any competent person can be appointed to the statutory supervisor position for a period of 3 years from the commencement day.

Thereafter the person to be appointed as statutory supervisor must meet the prescribed requirements in the WHS Mines Schedule 26.


Approved WHS risk management units

Their are 2 units of competency for the Statutory Supervisor.

BSBWHS414 is the core risk management unit and BSBWHS411 is the unit of competency to contexualise WHS risk for a statutory position holder.

Contribute to WHS risk management

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Statement of Attainment

Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures & programs

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Supervise on site operations

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Please check with your Training Coordinator if you need this extra unit required by some clients.



We've just added a new course titled The 5 Functions of a Schedule 26 Statutory Supervisor. This is not a mandatory requirement but highly recommended for every supervisor. It's a 2-3 hour course that goes through each of the 5 functions listed in Schedule 26 of the WHS Mines Regs. It will provide the supervisor with a lot of detail about how to ensure they meet their duties under the WHS Act and Regs for each of the 5 functions. It's a great course with animations, scenarios, voiceover and lots of interactions to ensure maximum learning and retention. Perfect for your training matrix under WHS Supervisor Obligations and coverage of both regulation 39 and regulation (622 e iv)

The 5 Functions of a Schedule 26 Statutory Supervisor

Yes! The old s44 module provided the supervisor with instruction on how to meet their duties under the old Mines Safety Inspection Act and Regs (MSI Act & Regs). Under the new WHS Mines Regs 2022 (WA) supervisors have 5 mandated functions listed in Schedule 26. This course explains how to meet these 5 functions and be a highly effective supervisor in the process

Supervisors must demonstrate competency in the statutory supervisor functions before appointment, regardless of their progress toward DMIRS Approved Units of Competency.

Key points from The WHS (Mines) Regs (WA):

Regulation 743 (2)
A person is taken to be an appropriate person as a statutory supervisor for the period of 3 years beginning on commencement day if the person is a competent person to carry out the functions of the position.
Allows a 3-year grace period for completing DMIRS Schedule 26 requirements after appointment, but not for demonstrating initial competency to carry out the functions of the position.

Schedule 26 (3.3)
Outlines the 5 essential functions of a statutory supervisor, which must be performed competently from the moment they are deemed an appropriate competent person.

Regulations 39 and 622 (1e iv)
Mandate evidence of adequate training and information to ensure a complete understanding of those functions, both for compliance and to minimise risks.

Compliance strategies for companies:
Ensure supervisors receive comprehensive training covering all 5 statutory supervisor functions with documented evidence to verify a supervisor's understanding of Schedule 26 functions.

Both the company and the supervisor can face penalties for failing to meet statutory supervisor functions, whether after an incident, near misses, or DMIRS audit.

Safety risks
Inadequately trained supervisors can jeopardise workplace safety and increase the likelihood of incidents.

Prioritising competency in statutory supervisor functions upfront is essential for legal compliance, workplace safety, and overall operational effectiveness.

Yes! The 5 Functions of a Statutory Supervisor course dovetails seamlessly with the DMIRS Approved Units of Competency. It delves deeper, offering granular insights into mastering each function. But its value extends beyond technical proficiency. It fosters modern, compassionate leadership, equipping supervisors to demonstrate genuine care and empathy by actively listening to and valuing their workers. This holistic approach enhances both safety and performance.

While we recommend all leading hands complete the full Schedule 26 courses, this one stands out. It's packed with powerful supervisor training secrets yet condensed for busy schedules. Ideal for aspiring supervisors or a quick refresher for experienced ones!

Don't let the shorter format fool you. This course is a goldmine of practical supervisor training, distilled into essential "secrets" that make a real difference. It's a perfect jumpstart for new leaders or a potent power-up for seasoned pros.

At NCT, our motto Innovative Learning - isn't just a tag line, it's our DNA. We stay ahead of the curve, and that means not offering mere carbon copies.

We've analysed competitor "WHS Essentials" or "WHS for Supervisors" courses, and found them disappointingly basic - essentially old MSI "s44 modules" with cosmetic WHS rebranding. They lack depth and nuance.

Remember, the new WHS legislation emphasises granular, function-specific supervisor responsibilities. Ask any Site Senior Executive (SSE) or DMIRS official - "functions" aren't just broad strokes, they're the legally-defined, detailed tasks courts use to assess accountability. Both companies and individual supervisors can face prosecution for neglecting Schedule 26's 5 vital functions.

Simply omitting function-specific training modules reveals a critical oversight of the new WHS landscape. We at NCT Innovative Learning refuse to settle for superficiality. Our "5 Functions of a Statutory Supervisor" course delves deep, equipping supervisors with the knowledge and skills to fulfill their crucial responsibilities - and safeguard your company.


The following choices are available for Training Coordinators who need to schedule Schedule 26 Statutory Supervisor training for one or multiple supervisors using a purchase order or preferred method of payment.

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Site Training

We don't just do online. We have been conducting customised site training for the past 22 years as well. 

We have conducted several face to face courses on site for various clients enabling the supervisors to stay on site in case of any event arising or to take critical phone calls during the training.

Please use the same Training Request Form or simply email us and let us know your requirements and we will get a quote straight back to you.

Moodle App

All of our online courses work great with the Moodle App, including the ability to download content and complete offline.

This is handy when internet connections on site are slow. The training could also be completed on the plane, waiting at the airport or at anytime and anyplace.

The links to download the Moodle App can be accessed here as well as a video on how to use the app is below.

Moodle App

All of our online courses can be accessed using the Moodle App

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  3. COMPLETE TRAINING ANYWHERE ANYTIME - Once you have logged into the Moodle App you can download the content to complete offline if you don't have internet access where you are at.

NCT Statutory Supervisor
Legal Exam Prep Course

After completion of the risk management units of competency the Statutory Supervisor is required to pass the DMIRS Legal Exam for Statutory Supervisor (General). We have created an industry leading exam prep course to prepare the supervisors for the exam. Below is a link to this course as well as the DMIRS webpage and video explaining the legal examination for Statutory Supervisor.


Click below to see a sample of the course

Nationally Accredited Units of Competency

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