Overcome geographical barriers with our Remote Training services! We bring the training directly to you, ensuring you meet all your training needs without worrying about distance.

Remote Training Costs

The Remote Training cost is calculated based on three main factors:


The Selected Course Price

The regular rate for our courses conducted at our training facility


Remote Fee

A flat remote fee of $80 per person, irrespective of the number of units they are completing throughout the course.


Trainer Flights and Accommodation

Flight expenses and accommodation for the trainer are to be arranged by the client

Remote Training Requirements

To proceed with Remote Training, a minimum of four (4) participants is required.
As our valued client, it's essential to fulfill the following responsibilities:

Training Room

Provide a suitable training room for the session with enough tables and chairs.

TV and Whiteboard

Ensure the classroom is equipped with a TV featuring an HDMI port and a whiteboard for the trainer.

Attendee Details

Share attendee details, including names and contact information so we can enroll them into our system.

Flights  Accommodation

Arrange and cover the costs of the trainer's flights and accommodation


For more details about our Remote Training services or to make a booking, feel free to reach out to our dedicated NCT team. We are here to assist you!

Contact us via email: or Phone: (08) 9249 4008