Remote Training

Whether your employees are located in another country/city or just down the hall, training is an important part of the development process. Don't let distance stop you from getting the training requirements you need, we can come to you! National Corporate Training have highly experienced remote trainers, and there has been nothing but positive feedback and successful outcomes.


The cost for Remote Training is the price

of the course you would like delivered,

plus the remote fee of $80 per person.

We also require the cost and organ-

isation of flights and accomodation for

our trainer.


A minimum of four (4) people is

required for Remote Training.

You provide:

- a classroom suitable for the booking

- a TV with a HDMI port

- a white board

- details of attendees

- details of trainer's flight &



If you would like more information about

Remote Training, or you are wanting to

make a booking, please don't hesitate to

get in contact with our NCT team. We are

always happy to help!


PHONE : (08) 9249 4008