The first follower leading from behind

Course Details

Empower yourself to become a more effective leading hand. This course dives into the concept of the First Follower, a crucial yet often overlooked role that fuels project efficiency, safety, and crew morale.

Move Beyond Traditional Leadership Models:
Learn how to bridge the gap between supervisor and crew, fostering a collaborative environment that optimises performance.

This comprehensive program equips you with:

The power of the First Follower: 
Understand the significant impact First Followers have on crew motivation, safety practices, and overall project outcomes.

Masterful communication skills: 
Develop clear and effective communication strategies to ensure seamless information flow between supervisor and crew.

Collaboration & Team Building: 
Discover techniques to cultivate a positive work environment where everyone feels valued and contributes effectively.

Proactive Problem Solving: 
Learn to anticipate challenges and implement solutions that keep projects running smoothly and efficiently.

Championing Change:
Gain strategies for effectively introducing and promoting new protocols, fostering crew buy-in and maximising safety and efficiency.

This program is ideal for:

Leading hands and crew members seeking to enhance their leadership skills and influence within their teams.
Professionals who aspire to create a more positive, collaborative, and high-performing work environments.
Individuals aiming to advance their careers and take on greater leadership responsibilities within the industry.

Take charge of your professional development. Become the leader your crew needs. Enrol today in this dynamic program and unleash the power of the First Follower!